This course is cross-listed with the EWMBA program


COURSE TITLE: Leadership




INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Chatman






MEETING DAY(S)/TIME: Monday 6:00 – 9:30PM




CLASS FORMAT: Visiting executives running live cases, experiential exercises, leadership self- and cross-evaluation assessment, cases and some lecture/discussion




BASIS FOR FINAL GRADE (midterm, final, paper(s), project(s), class participation, or a mixture):  Grade is based on a mixture of Leadership Self- Analysis and Aspiration Project (LSAAP), Leadership Consulting Case Project, class participation, and short analyses of assessment feedback.


ABSTRACT OF COURSE'S CONTENT AND OBJECTIVES:  The objective of this course is to accelerate your ability to develop into a successful leader.  To do this, we will meet frequently with organizational leaders who will run live cases in class (to learn how they think about various organizational and business problems), undertake a rich assessment approach gathering data about your own self-perceptions as well as the perceptions of those who have worked with you, and we will use these data to analyze your current strengths as well as your opportunities for development as a high impact leader.  There will be two culminating projects in this course: One will be to develop your own Leadership Self Analysis and Aspiration Plan which will help you plot out your action plan for achieving your leadership goals. The second will be a consulting analysis of a practicing leader and your team’s observations and analysis of the approach that leader used to handle a difficult leadership situation.  The course will be discussion based and class participation will constitute a part of your grade.


BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH:  Professor Jenny Chatman is the Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management at Haas.  She has also been on the faculty at Kellogg’s Graduate School of Business at Northwestern and the Harvard Business School.  She is the faculty director of Haas’ Center for Executive Education (CEE), Berkeley Executive Leader Program (BeXL) our flagship general enrollment program for senior executives.  Professor Chatman is an expert in the areas of leadership and organizational culture.  Her recent research focuses on the financial advantages of cultivating an innovation based culture within large high technology firms.  Professor Chatman's research and consulting have focused on the business advantages of leveraging organizational culture and leading strategic change, and she has worked with a variety of organizations including Adobe, British Telecom, Chiron, Cisco Systems, The Coca-Cola Company, ConocoPhillips, Fannie Mae, First Data, Franklin Templeton, Freddie Mac, Gallo Winery, Genentech, Intel, Kaiser-Permanente, Microsoft, New York Life, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Qualcomm, Statoil, the U.S. Postal Service, and the U.S. Treasury. She won the Cheit teaching award in 2007.  She is a director of Simpson Manufacturing as well as a member of various non-profit boards.  See for more information.