Course Title: Design and Marketing New Products

EWMBA267 Spring 2012

Instructor: Bill Pearce
Office Hours:  TBD


MEETING DAY(S)/TIME: Tuesday 6:00-9:30pm


CLASS FORMAT: Mix of case discussions, lectures, guest speakers, and group/individual projects.

REQUIRED READINGS: Cases, Course Reader.

The final grade will be based on:

    1. Four case memos: 20%
    2. Class participation: 20%
    3. Individual Project: 20%
    4. Group Project: 40%

Theory + Experience = Career Advantage

Peter Drucker once said, “The business enterprise has two and only these two basic functions: marketing and innovation.” The development of new products and services is perhaps the most significant activity within a firm. It also one of the most risky - many years and millions of dollars are spent developing products that on average fail far more often than they succeed. The best companies, on the other hand, manage to bring out successful new products or services year after year. This course examines the strategies, processes and methods used by these companies, and the cutting-edge tools and techniques used for new-product development. Readings and guest speakers from both product and services will be used to develop understanding and mastery.

To address these dynamics the course will be a semester-long immersion in the roles and responsibilities of a innovation manager.  You will learn to identify, diagnose and enact solutions to innovation problems.  At the end of the course, you will be able to:

    1. Identify new market space opportunities;
    2. Evaluate qualitative and quantitative research and turn into actionable decisions;
    3. Learn how to write concept briefs that provide a basis to evaluate new product ideas;
    4. Master how to work effectively with outside agencies to create effective and efficient innovation ideas, marketing materials and investment levels.
    5. Evaluate ideas with pre-market forecasting
    6. Develop long-range business plans to meet both strategic and financial objectives of a new product launch.


Class Participation / Attendance:
You are responsible for the material in each case or project.  Given the meeting schedule each class is a full week of activity.  Missing class without an excuse will negatively impact your grade.  20% of your grade will occur in class, between comments and in-class exercises.

I will both cold and warm call students.  I believe firmly in E.B. White’s posit that “Effective communication is clear and concise.”  Quality is rewarded; quantity admonished.  Students should structure comments for a senior manager audience.  Be prepared to convince your classmates of the merits of your proposals.  If you believe in your position defend it.

Individual Project:
Best Practice Assignment. Pick up to four companies with excellent NPD capabilities and prepare four 1-page analyses explaining what makes them excel in each of the following areas: (a) identifying market opportunities/understanding customer needs, (b) translating customer needs into outstanding product/service, or (c) launch and market successfully and (d) long-term refreshing of the proposition to keep it vibrant and growing. You can pick one company/brand and follow it through all four phases or pick a different product for each of the four phases. Assignments will be worth 5% each and will be due concurrent with the topic covered during the semester.

Team Project (Final):
I will assign groups of students a “Innovation Team” and a business project.   Team selection will be totally random, akin to the business world, and each member will have a specific role.  That team will be responsible to present to a Board of Directors, also chosen at random.  Both the Brand and Board will be graded.  Each group will be scored based on the insightfulness and creativity.  

Case Memos:
Each student will be required to submit four one page case memos.  One page maximum (I will not read a second page or addendum's);  8.5”x11” paper, 10 point Arial font with minimum ¼” border on all four sides.  Memos will be graded on a 1-5 scale.  If you receive a five no further action is required; anything below a five will be given back for correction or clarification in-class for resubmission and regarding.  Memos are due by 6:00 the day before class.  If they are late you will receive a lower grade at my discretion based on how late.  6:01pm is late just like in the workplace.

Required Texts:
Readings available on  Read and analyze readings prior to class for which they are assigned. For each case think out, and be prepared to defend, a plan of action for how you would proceed.

Please download and read the class learning objectives (Excel file) for a week-by-week layout of the Learning Objectives.

I look forward to a spirited exchange in the classroom that will be educational for both of us.

W. D. Pearce